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JSDC to buy share of building

The South Central Dakota Regional Council’s Executive Committee agreed Wednesday to sign a sales agreement for its part of the Center for Economic Development building, contingent on the approval of the SCDRC attorney.

The Jamestown/Stuts-man Development Corp. is buying the SCDRC’s share of the building for $125,000.

“What this does is puts a closing date at June 1 of this year … if you’re still looking for a place then, we’ve got to come up with an agreement for a lease, that’s the gist of it,” said Connie Ova, CEO of the JSDC.

The SCDRC Executive Committee went into closed session to discuss its options for the purchase of new space, but made no decisions.

Leasing its current space from the JSDC would cost the SCDRC approximately $12.50 per square foot, and for 1,305 square feet the total would be $16,312 per year or $1,359 per month.

That price may not include all the area the lease would include and may be inclusive of utilities, said Deb Kantrud, executive director of the SCDRC.