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The Daily Bread – Jamestown program expanding

The Daily Bread – Jamestown program is expanding, with the location of a food freezer at the James River Senior and Community Center.

The program has been offering free surplus frozen meals at Ave Maria Village, its first location, for about two years. The meals have been frozen for use by Ave Maria employees and at times, have also been delivered to the Salvation Army and Community Action.

Jamestown Regional Medical Center and the University of Jamestown are also contributing frozen surplus food.

“We have had great program success at the Ave Maria Village location,” said Deacon Tom Geffre, a member of the Daily Bread – Jamestown Steering Committee and chaplain at Ave Maria. “We believe it is time to capitalize on this success and expand to different pick- up locations. The James River Senior Citizens Center seemed to be the next logical choice, given the amount of traffic at the center. We are targeting the elderly population who we believe would benefit from this free food.”

Food will be placed in a freezer near the coat closet in the senior center, said Laurie McGuire, executive director of the center.

Seniors will be able to pick up their coats and take items from the freezer on the way out, between 9 a.m. and noon Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she said. Food is free, and no registration is required.

“We only ask that the individuals remember that there are others that also need the food,” McGuire said.

The Steering Committee is hoping to increase the amount of rescued food from the Jamestown Regional Medical Center in the future, said Tyler Lamp, a member of the Steering Committee.

Current food pick-up locations are at Ave Maria, Community Action, Head Start and the senior center. Additional suppliers and food pick up locations are being sought.

The Daily Bread – Jamestown program is patterned off of the Daily Bread programs that have been operating successfully for years in Fargo and Bismarck. The federal Good Samaritan law protects the supplier of this food. The kitchens that prepare this food must be state-certified.