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Ducks escape, get recaptured across from Gun & Reel Sports

Two tame ducks that left their home were caught and brought to the city pound in Jamestown, where they stayed overnight — and laid two eggs — before being returned to their owners. Submitted photo

The escape and recapture of two tame ducks Monday ended with the friendly fowl laying two eggs at the city pound overnight.

The pair of ducks was first reported loose Monday, and apparently had waddled from Business Loop West and down 1st Avenue to the parking lot across from Gun & Reel Sports, where they were apprehended on Tuesday.

“They were pretty good,” said Becky Johnson, animal control officer for the Jamestown Police Department, referring to the ducks’ temperament.

Johnson, two JPD officers and two helpers surrounded the ducks, and when the waterfowl tried to walk by, the humans simply scooped them up.

“They didn’t try to fly, so I don’t know if they can or can’t, but they didn’t,” Johnson said.

The ducks, whitish in color, were clearly tame, so Johnson brought them to the city pound and placed them in a dog run for the night on Tuesday.

Two eggs were discovered there the following morning, and meanwhile, the ducks’ owners had discovered where the waterfowl had ended up via a Facebook post.

“They actually live in town,” Johnson said of the ducks, noting that by city ordinance ducks are not allowed in town. “(The owners) were just informed of the city ordinances that you can’t keep livestock in town … and they said they would make arrangements to find a place outside of town.”

The ducks aren’t the first unconventional animals to be housed in the city pound, which has held ducks before, as well as turkeys, pigs and sheep, Johnson said, but this is the first case of ducks actually laying eggs there.

“It’s not your normal, but if they get into town somebody has to deal with them and put them somewhere,” Johnson added.

People having ducks in town isn’t that unusual, she pointed out, as people buy them at Easter not realizing that ducks are not allowed as pets in Jamestown.

The post on Facebook spurred about 25 inquiries offering homes for the two ducks, had their owners not retrieved them.

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