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Country Side Estates plat is approved

The Jamestown Planning Commission unanimously approved the plat for Country Side Estates Addition at a special meeting Monday. The commission had tabled the plat about two weeks ago over questions concerning whether roads in the addition would be public roads or private drives and the width of the road right of way for a through street.

Stephanie Falkers, planner with SRF Consulting, recommended denying the plat pending a study to determine when city sewer utilities could be extended to the area or approving the plat as a rural subdivision with the requirement that 16th Street Southwest be expanded to an 80-foot right of way.

Dave Hillerud, chairman of the Planning Commission, said the land was not likely to be annexed into the city of Jamestown.

“The applicant for this subdivision does not want to be annexed, and they have every right to that,” he said.

Hillerud said the area is considered part of “phase 1” for future growth around Jamestown. He questioned why plans to extend sewer to the area had not been developed.

“If we can’t provide service we can’t hold up their plans,” he said.

The Planning Commission also gave final approval to Witzig’s Fourth Addition and Hammer Addition.

All plats will be considered by the Jamestown City Council at its May 5 regular meeting.

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