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Patel awarded Growing Jamestown Award

Kal Patel received the Growing Jamestown Award at the annual meeting of the Jamestown/Stutsman Development Corp. The meeting was held Wednesday and included a social hour, keynote speakers and approval of the organization’s audit report.

Patel owns the Super 8 Motel, the Bison Inn, the Cherry Berry franchise and some apartments in Jamestown. He is currently developing a rental shop building in the I-94 Business Park.

“I want to thank the Jamestown community and the JSDC for allowing us to grow,” he said.

The Growing Jamestown Award is presented to businesses that have worked with the JSDC as part of its business development and are a positive influence on the local economy. The winner of the award is determined by the JSDC Board of Directors on the recommendation of its staff.

Tom Rolfstad, director of economic development for Williston, gave information on the growth of that community as the keynote presentation.

“It is kind of like remodeling the kitchen and you have to do the dishes in the bathtub,” he said.

He went on to describe the growth of the area and predicted it would continue.

“It is not a boom, it is an industry,” Rolfstad said.

Currently, the Bakken formation supports about 8,000 oil wells. Developers are drilling about 2,100 new wells each year with the area potentially able to support about 150,000 oil wells — each employing between one and three workers.

“We conservatively assume 200,000 jobs in the region,” he said. “Williston has the potential to grow to a community of 100,000 jobs.”

Rolfstad said the growth rate is wonderful but it is stressful and hard on the community.

“Jamestown is doing growth in a steady way,” he said. “I’ve seen this town grow over the past 35 years and it’s on track to keep growing.”

Greg Allen, administration manager for Cavendish Farms, gave a humorous presentation concerning how people should apply for jobs. The presentation was based on information he presents to high school students on preparing for the workforce.

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