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Noridian president terminated

The president of Noridian Mutual Insurance Company was terminated today after a unanimous vote by the NMIC Board of Directors.

The termination of Paul von Ebers is effective immediately, and follows a report last week of a $72.9 million loss by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota -- $51 million of which was associated with Noridian Healthcare Solutions.

Noridian processes Medicare claims, and the company's loss was the result of a contract to build the Maryland health care exchange -- which Maryland terminated due to significant problems with the online health insurance marketplace. The Maryland exchange had paid Noridian $65 million for work on the exchange, and Noridian had billed the state for $78 million.

“The board felt it was necessary to make a change at the CEO position in order to ensure confidence in the future financial direction of our organization,” said Ann McConn, NMIC board chair.

The board of NMIC, which does business within North Dakota as Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota, is unable to discuss the nature of the termination due to confidentiality, according to a company press release.

The NMIC board appointed Tim Huckle, chief operating officer of BCBSND, to serve as interim NMIC president and CEO.

“The board has complete confidence in Tim Huckle, who is well positioned to serve in this role. Tim has been with the organization for more than 28 years with operations, management and leadership responsibilities,” McConn said. “He will immediately provide leadership for NMIC’s 2,600 employees, and will ensure that the organization will continue to serve its members with the same service and quality it has for more than 70 years.”

(Some information from this story came from a Forum News Service story published in the Sun on May 2.)