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JPS Board approves tech plan

The Jamestown Public School Board approved a new three-year technology plan that will be implemented in the coming school year. The plan was compiled by the district’s 29-member technology committee made up of technology staff, teachers, administrators and school board members over the course of the past school year.

The plan lays out 35 strategies to achieve five goals. The five goals are:

* Create learning environments that include effective technology resources for educators and students.

* Support educators in their use of appropriate technologies to improve their teaching and other professional practices.

* Provide students with learning opportunities that are enhanced by technology.

* Use data systems that monitor student achievement and analyze student and school data in order to improve teaching and learning outcomes for all students, including those in No Child Left Behind subgroups.

* Assess the use of the technology resources implemented in the district.

With the district facing an estimated $800,000 deficit at the end of the fiscal year on June 30, board member Gail Martin said the plan was something the district could easily afford.

“As a board, why wouldn’t we support this?” Martin said. “I don’t see any actual expenditures or costs involved at this point. Why wouldn’t we approve this strategy now?”

In other news, the board also:

* approved the negotiated agreement for school administrators which included an average 4 percent salary increase for the next year; 4.25 percent salary increases for Sally Ost, business manager, Superintendent Rob Lech and Joe Hegland, curriculum director; and 4 percent salary increases for nonteaching administrators and ancillary staff.

* approved the second reading of the revised tobacco policy, which now includes electronic smoking devices.

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