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Jury finds Williams not guilty of charge

A 12-person jury found Adrian Williams not guilty of gross sexual imposition Wednesday.

The 8-man, 4-woman panel deliberated for about two hours before acquitting Williams of the charge. The verdict was handed down about 6 p.m. in Southeast District Court in Jamestown before Judge John Greenwood.

Williams, 52, of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, was accused of engaging in a sexual act with another by compelling the victim to submit by force or by threat of imminent death, serious bodily injury, or kidnapping, to be inflicted, on or about March 4, 2013, at a Jamestown hotel.

He faced the possibility of life in prison without parole if convicted of the Class AA felony.

 Bob Martin, Williams’ court-appointed counsel, and Fritz Fremgen, Stutsman County state’s attorney, declined to comment on the verdict, citing ongoing cases involving Williams.

Williams faces four drug-related charges in a second trial scheduled to begin today. He is accused of possessing oxycodone and cocaine with intent to deliver at the time of his arrest on the gross sexual imposition charge on March 13, 2013. Those charges are Class A felonies punishable by 20 years in prison and a $20,000 fine. He is also accused of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia, which are Class C felonies punishable by five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Fremgen said two trials were held because the charges were unrelated cases.

Williams testified on his own behalf Wednesday. He said he had always flirted with the alleged victim when she worked at the desk of the hotel when he stayed there a few days every two weeks and that he knew her from bars around Jamestown. He said the sex on the day in question was consensual.

The alleged victim testified Tuesday she repeatedly said “no” when she was with Williams in his hotel room. Under cross examination by Martin, the alleged victim said she never expressed the fear she felt.

She said he didn’t threaten her but kept kissing her and holding her against the wall and that she tried to remove herself from his hotel room.

The stories told by the defendant and alleged victim differed on several counts. The alleged victim said Williams pulled her into his room from the hallway when she brought bottled water he had requested. Williams testified the victim knocked on the door and entered on her own free will when she brought the water.

Williams testified they mutually kissed each other while the alleged victim testified he kissed her and she did not participate.

Williams also testified the alleged victim wrote her phone number and address on a note and gave it to him as an invitation for continuing sexual relations at her home where she would feel more comfortable. A photo of the note, taken with Williams’ phone, showed the note included the correct phone number and address.

The alleged victim testified she intended to give Williams bogus information when he requested how to contact her.

“When I wrote it down I seriously thought I was giving a bogus number and address,” she testified.

She also testified she had never been to a bar in town and did not drink.

During closing arguments, Martin said the alleged victim’s story changed between interviews with investigators at the time the sexual encounter was being investigated, and the trial. During cross examination of the woman, Martin played an audio recording of an interview in which the woman said she “knocked on the door” and entered Williams’ room before the encounter. In another segment of audio she used the term “we kissed.”

Martin said there were only two people in the hotel room, and the jury would have to determine who to believe.

“The quality of proof is lacking,” he said.

Fremgen said the alleged victim’s story did not vary through the entire process.

“The lady has maintained consistently that this was not wanted sex,” he said.

The Jamestown Sun does not identify alleged victims in rape cases.

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