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Weather pattern washes out roads

Some township roads near Spiritwood remain impassable after record-setting rain fell on Jamestown and surrounding communities over the Memorial Day weekend.

Stutsman County Roads Superintendent Mickey Nenow said roads in Bloom and Rose townships were washed out after the weekend storms, while the county roads took minimal damage.

“We did have one closed for a little bit Friday and Saturday that was a county road — (Old) Highway 10 out here,” he said. “Water was going across the road and the culverts got washed a little bit on the ends but nothing hurt the roads other than a little erosion on the pipe.”

Nenow said the washed out roads did not isolate any landowners, and individual townships are responsible for repairing township roads. He was unsure of what the cost would be.

“I didn’t look at them all, but it will cost a little bit,” Nenow said. “Some places have got to have culverts put in and a lot of dirt hauled in. It washed out pretty wide paths.”

The National Weather Service reported the worst of the storms hit Friday dropping a record-setting 2.96 inches of rain in Jamestown with wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. While no rainfall totals were available from Spiritwood, the largest hail stone that was reported was 1.5 inches in diameter that fell in the Spiritwood area.

Adam Jones, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Bismarck, said a weather system had uncommonly “parked” over the Central Plains, which is an occurrence more common over the Great Lakes or the Pacific Northwest.

“It’s just one that’s been spinning over the Central Plains shooting up some moisture from the Gulf (of Mexico), getting us those repeated rounds of thunderstorms,” Jones said.

A cold front that will move in from the west on Thursday night will help define much of the upcoming weather for the following several days, according to Jones.

“That’ll make a change in the weather pattern so we’ll see what happens — if it dries out or continues to stay wet,” Jones said. “Looks like some of the forecast models are showing some more precipitation through the rest of the week and into the weekend. It could be a wet period over the next week or two.”

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