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Annual Drinking Water Compliance Report lists violations

Paperwork or sampling issues prompted the North Dakota Health Department to list violations for Stutsman Rural Water District, Kensal, Sanborn and Woodworth in an annual report. The issues related to samples taken to analyze chlorine content in public drinking water.

The Annual Drinking Water Compliance Report for 2013 was issued Monday. The city of Jamestown had no violations in the report.

“Failing to monitor or report chlorine is a paper violation,” said LeeAnn Tillotson, drinking water program director with the North Dakota Department of Health, referring to the violations.

Tillotson said the violation could occur if a water sample arrived late or did not include the proper paperwork. She said it did not indicate any problems with water quality and there are no fines or penalties for violations.

Geneva Kaiser, manager of Stutsman Rural Water District, said the problem occurred in the fall of 2013 when one of the three samples it had shipped to the health department was not delivered.

“We send all three samples in one package now and track it to confirm delivery,” she said.

A report issued by the health department indicated Kensal had committed two violations related to sampling in 2013 while the other organizations each had a single violation.

Sanborn was also cited for two sampling and reporting violations concerning microbiological or bacteria testing while Woodworth had one microbiological violation.

Tillotson said the number of violations and the number of water systems in North Dakota had increased in 2013.

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