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Results of the 2014 Primary Election in Stutsman County

Unofficial results published by Stutsman County showed that 2,871 total ballots were cast in the county for the 2014 primary election.

Mayor, City of Jamestown

Pamela K. Phillips 940

Katie Andersen 1,370

Write-in 34

Jamestown City Council

Ramone Gumke 1,487

Dwaine Heinrich 776

Write-in 7

Jamestown Parks and Recreation Commission

Mike Landscoot 1,689

Kevin Miller 1,137

Richard Ryan 1,167

Larry Knoblich 1,559

Write-in 11

Jamestown Public School Board

Mindi Schmitz 1,622

Greg Allen 1,875

Write-in 90

Jamestown Public School Board

Bob Toso 1,480

Heidi Heim Larson 1,833

Robin Gumke (write-in) 228

Brenda Roemmich (write-in) 386

Other write-ins 136

Jamestown School District Measure

Yes 2,039

No 352