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Andersen, Gumke re-elected

Jamestown voters returned the incumbents to the City Council and mayor’s positions Tuesday. Results of the election are considered unofficial until the Stutsman County Canvassing Board reviews the ballots later this week.

Mayor Katie Andersen won re-election with 1,370 votes to Pam Phillips’ 924 votes.

Ramone Gumke won re-election to the City Council with 1,487 votes to Dwaine Heinrich’s 776 votes.

“I’m happy,” Andersen said. “There is lots to accomplish.”

She listed housing and city infrastructure to support it and workforce development as two of the priority issues of her second term.

“I’m excited for four more years of hard work,” she said.

Andersen said issues surrounding the incentives for the planned Menards store in Jamestown and tourism funding were a couple of the major questions of the election.

The city offered Menards tax incentives to build a store in Jamestown. The property transfer from the city to Menards occurred May 27. Menards is expected to begin construction of the store this summer.

Phillips said the campaign brought to light issues that need to be addressed.

“I wish Katie well,” she said. “She can see now that there are needs not being met, and she has four more years to get them done.”

Phillips did not elaborate on which unmet needs she was referring to.

Gumke said he was looking forward to his second term on the City Council.

“We got a lot done in the last four years, and I’m excited to see what we can do in the next four,” he said.

He also felt the Menards project was a major issue in the election.

“We went out of our comfort zone with Menards,” he said. “Tax increment financing hadn’t been used for many projects in the past.”

Heinrich said his candidacy provided a choice for the voters.

“I got into this race because I felt there needed to be a choice,” he said. “I congratulate the winners but am disappointed in the direction the city is going. The voters have a right to make that call, and I have no regrets in getting involved and no regrets in trying to bring issues to light.”

Andersen and Gumke will be sworn in for their second terms during the June 24 reorganizational meeting of the City Council.

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