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Raising cattle teaches 4-H members about dedication, work

Isaac Huber was busy Friday watching over some of his family’s cattle at the Stutsman County Fair. Chris Olson / The Sun

Isaac Huber will be in the eighth grade at Edgeley Public School this fall.

Huber, along with his family, was keeping an eye on some of the cattle his family had on display at the Stutsman County Fair Friday afternoon.

Huber, from Jud, said there were two Angus crossbreeds, two Red Angus, a Hereford cow and calf and a Charolais he was looking after. He was also taking care of his sister’s British white and Red Angus calf, Violet.

Huber said he is a member of the Prairie Pals, a 4-H club based out of Montpelier. Each day Huber gets up by 7 a.m. to help feed his family’s cattle.

“We feed them grain (corn and corn silage) and hay,” he said. When asked how much a full grown cow or bull can eat in a day, Huber said “a lot.”

While Huber was talking about the cattle, the Charolais, which is white, started getting too close to the Hereford named Mabel, and her calf, Lucy. Huber stepped in and used every bit of his wiry frame to move the Charolais away from Mabel.

Huber said he enjoys working with cattle and could see doing it for a living when he gets out of school. Being on the family farm and waking up early most days to do chores has helped Huber form good work habits.

“Working with cattle, it teaches you skills, like hard work, dedication and perseverance,” he said.

Megan Scott of Spiritwood will be a freshman at Jamestown High School. She had sold her Black and Red Angus at the Stutsman County Fair Livestock Premium Sale Thursday for a good price.

With her dad looking on, Scott said this was her seventh time selling cattle at the fair.

“I raise cattle for meat and money,” she said.

Scott feeds her cattle corn, corn silage and hay like other ranchers do, but her cattle also get a special treat — french fries. Tim Scott, her father, said Megan’s grandfather owns a feedlot and her cattle get fed there, which helps the cattle put on good weight.

While she enjoys attending the fair and raising cattle, Scott said she doesn’t plan to rely on raising cattle for her future earnings.

“I want to be a special education teacher,” she said.

The Stutsman County Fair concludes today.

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