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Jamestown allows fireworks longer than major N.D. cities

Danielle Schmidt would like to see Jamestown become quieter around the Fourth of July by shortening the number of days and time to ignite fireworks. John M. Steiner / The Sun

A Jamestown woman thinks it’s time the city became a little quieter during the Fourth of July holiday.

Danielle Schmidt said she doesn’t want to see fireworks banned in the city. She just wants it to be legal for a shorter period of time.

Corey Bayer, operator of the Fantastic Fireworks, said many in the community will disagree.

 “I think if you were sitting on a hill overlooking Jamestown a few nights ago you saw there is pretty strong support for fireworks,” said Cory Bayer, operator of the Fantastic Fireworks stand in Jamestown. “There are a lot of people who support fireworks.”

Fireworks are allowed in Jamestown from June 27 through July 5. Fireworks can be detonated from 9 a.m. to midnight each day with the exception of July 4 when fireworks are allowed until 1 a.m. July 5. Fireworks are also allowed from Dec. 26 through Jan. 1.

Those dates are among the most liberal of the major cities in North Dakota. Research of municipal websites showed Fargo, Grand Forks, Minot, Dickinson and Bismarck all prohibit fireworks within city limits. West Fargo and Williston allow personal fireworks only on the Fourth of July while Mandan allows fireworks from noon to midnight July 2-3 and from noon to 2 a.m. on the Fourth of July.

For Schmidt, it is a matter of personal peace.

“We get up early and instead of dreading this week for the next 20 years I thought I’d do something about it,” she said.

After Schmidt addressed the Jamestown City Council at its meeting Monday, the topic was placed on a committee agenda later this month.

“There was less fireworks activity this year than in previous years,” she said. “Last year was what sparked this. We went to some of the City Council (members) then, but they weren’t willing to look at it.”

Complaints about fireworks were down this year, according to statistics furnished by the Jamestown Police Department. In 2011 and 2012 officers responded to 23 calls each year for fireworks between June 27 and July 7. The calls increased to 34 in 2013 but declined to 15 this year.

Schmidt said she hoped the city would shorten the number of days and impose stricter limits for late-night fireworks.

“Ideally, just two or three days around the Fourth,” she said. “Maybe on the Fourth (of July) go to midnight but on the other days end fireworks at 11 p.m.”

Schmidt said she has received a number of calls and emails of support in her efforts to limit fireworks.

Bayer said he sees no need to change the current regulations.

“I support the current process,” he said. “Any change should be put on the ballot for everyone to vote on.”

City Administrator Jeff Fuchs said the topic would be placed on the July 22 Finance and Legal Committee agenda for discussion.

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