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Missing man found

The search for a missing man ended at about 2:25 a.m. early Wednesday morning as law enforcement officials found him.

Rory Rupp, 47, of Jamestown, a manresiding at Bethel Four Acres, had gone missing, prompting a search of the river.

He had last been seen at noon Tuesday, according to Sgt. Sid Mann of the Jamestown Police Department, but was found walking on First Avenue early Wednesday, safe.

"He's going to get returned back to where he needs to go," Mann said.

Bethel is located at 1404 1st Ave. N, adjacent to the James River, which led authorities to call out the Stutsman County Dive Rescue Team late Tuesday night.

“We’ve got to cover all the bases and make sure (the river) is searched, and make sure to the best of our abilities that he’s not there,” Mann had said of the river search, because at that time Rupp’s whereabouts were unknown.