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Stutsman County soliciting bids for CHS road project

Stutsman County is soliciting bids for a construction road for the proposed CHS nitrogen fertilizer plant at Spiritwood.

The road would provide access for equipment and supplies to the proposed plant site from Interstate 94. The road project would improve a section of Stutsman County Road/Highway 62 and create a new road that will become 34th Street Southeast.

The Stutsman County Commission authorized soliciting bids for the job during its regular meeting Tuesday. A letter from Brian Schouvieller, senior vice president for CHS Inc., requested the county proceed with the project so that CHS could have estimates of costs prior to making a final decision on the construction of the nitrogen plant project.

Engineering estimates for the road project in April were between $8 million and $16 million, depending on options selected by CHS. The entire cost of the road will be paid by CHS through special assessments.

Stutsman County had been prepared to bid the job in April when CHS placed the fertilizer plant project on hold. Estimated project costs for the entire CHS nitrogen plant are about $2 billion. If constructed, the plant would be the largest project ever constructed in North Dakota. It will process natural gas from the Oil Patch into nitrogen farm fertilizer.

“I think we’re getting closer,” said Mark Klose, chairman of the Stutsman County Commission. “The taxing thing is complex and unique.”

Stutsman County is in negotiations with CHS to determine possible property tax incentives for the project.

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