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A slippery Run

First-time Run participants slowly make their way down the hill Saturday. Katie Fairbanks / The Sun1 / 3
Run participants pose with their friend in a dinosaur costume. Katie Fairbanks / The Sun2 / 3
Run participants, most in green, others in more creative costumes, make their way down the hill on Saturday. Katie Fairbanks / The Sun 3 / 3

Some of the Runnin O' the Green participants took the muddy and snowy hill at a run, while others tread more carefully on Saturday.

About 1,725 registered participants took part in the annual pub crawl fundraiser that had 11 stops throughout Jamestown, starting at Frontier Fort and ending at Gladstone Inn & Suites, said Larry Knoblich, Run founder. The Run raises money for Elks Club Camp Grassick and for people affected by cancer.

Knoblich said the number of people registered was down from last year, which is a little disappointing, but the event still had good participation. A lot of people signed up at Cork & Barrel Liquors this year, which was a big help, he said.

Knoblich said the Run also sold about 250 shirts, which is the most it's ever done.

Taylor Oberlander was one of 21 Run participants on "Team Shenanigans." Oberlander is from Jamestown, but lives in Fargo, where she and some of the other team members came for the event. The team makes custom shirts every year, she said.

Emily Johannes and Brittany Monson said it was their first year doing the Run, and they wanted to make it to the end of the route.

"I'm super excited," Monson said, "but a little nervous about the hill."

Knoblich said there were around 30 volunteers who helped with various aspects of the Run. He said he couldn't do it without them.

One change Knoblich said he would've made was putting some ice melt on the icy patch near the All Veteran's Memorial Bridge where some participants were slipping and falling.

Jamestown Police Department Sgt. Tyler Loven said the Run went pretty smoothly with no major incidents.

Loven said there were some unlawful possessions of alcohol outside allowed areas, but the day went pretty well overall. Loven didn't know the final numbers of arrests during the Run. The department had extra officers on duty for most of the day and into the night, he said.

The traffic lights turned to four-way stops helped to slow drivers down on 1st Avenue South because there were so many people crossing the street, Loven said.

Knoblich said he is already thinking about next year's Run.

"It'll be the 40th, so we want to do something special," he said.