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Saving $1.5 million: Engineer: Road bids lower than anticipated

What were described as "good bids" will save the city more than $1 million on two street projects, according to Travis Dillman, project engineer for Interstate Engineering.

Dillman told the Jamestown Public Works Committee Thursday that Border States Paving was the apparent low bidder for the road between the Menards area and Jamestown Regional Medical Center and the project on 5th Street Northeast leading to the Two Rivers Activity Center.

The road to JRMC had an engineer's estimate of $3 million with Border States Paving bidding $2.1 million. The project on 5th Street Northeast leading to TRAC had an engineer's estimate of $2.4 million with a bid of $1.8 million by Border States Paving.

Dillman said Interstate Engineering was still reviewing bids related to the electrical bid for street lights for the JRMC road and would make a recommendation to award the bids at the May 1 City Council meeting.

The cost of the TRAC road will be paid by special assessments on residences and businesses in the area. The cost of the JRMC road will be paid by a special assessment on property adjacent to the road that will be paid when development occurs.

In other business, the Jamestown Police and Fire Committee approved sending notice letters ordering a home at 403 1/2 3rd Ave. NW to be demolished to property owners.

Jamestown Fire Chief Jim Reuther told the committee a house fire on Dec. 31, which rekindled on Jan. 1, gutted the home. The house now constitutes a safety hazard.

The letters are the first step in a process that could lead to the city demolishing the home and adding the costs of demolition to the taxes on the property.

The Public Works Committee also approved Ascendum Machinery's withdrawal of a bid for a loader. Ascendum Machinery was the apparent low bidder at $103,000 but claimed in a letter to the city of Jamestown that Ascendum misinterpreted bid specifications.

The bid was then awarded to RDO Equipment, the next lowest bidder at $121,000.