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Salvation Army to benefit from drive


The Salvation Army in Jamestown is partnering with the U.S. Postal Service for the “Stamp Out Hunger” food drive on Saturday, May 13. People wishing to donate nonperishable food items are asked to leave a bag of food near their mailbox and a letter carrier will pick it up.

“Anything donated on Saturday will stay right here in the Jamestown community,” said Maj. Tim Nauta, Jamestown Salvation Army administrator.

Many families who rely on the schools to provide free meals for their kids during the school year struggle to make ends meet in the summer time, Nauta said.

“We often see the need increase during the summer, but the donations decrease so this is a great help to us,” explained Major Nauta.

He asked that people make sure any food they donate has not expired. If the expiration date has passed, food shelves have to throw it away.

Volunteers are also needed to help sort through all of the food. Contact the Jamestown Salvation Army to sign up.

Jamestown Sun staff reports