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'Big issue'

A new brown garbage container sits on the lawn of a Jamestown residence. Tom LaVenture / The Sun

With around 66 percent of the new brown garbage containers delivered to Jamestown homes since Monday, the city administrator said that homes left without a trash container will still have garbage pickup as regularly scheduled.

As of Thursday, nearly 3,800 of the 5,700 new brown garbage containers have been delivered to Jamestown residents at single-family homes, mobile homes and most multi-unit housing, Jeff Fuchs said. City garbage pickup crews are picking up the old green containers as crews from Rehrig Pacific drop off the new brown containers, he said.

Unfortunately, the routes of the two crews differed at times, and some homes were left without a new or an old container, he said.

"That is a big issue with a lot of people," Fuchs said.

If a container has not been delivered by the next scheduled garbage pickup day, Fuchs said city crews will still pick up garbage left out in sealed plastic bags. A teaspoon of ammonia in the bag should eliminate the possibility of animals digging into the bags, he said.

Some residents were also concerned about the new containers that were delivered to the front of homes, Fuchs said. This led some residents to believe that the garbage pickup location would change to the front curb if it had been in the alley.

"This is not the case," Fuchs said. "For now it (the garbage) will be picked up as it was in the past."

Residents who responded to mailers by July 31 had a choice of a 32-gallon, 64-gallon or a 96-gallon garbage container. Residents who did not respond will receive a 64-gallon container.

Because not all residents responded to the mailers, it has created a potential container shortage for any one size, Fuchs said. Once the containers are all delivered it will be easier to determine what is needed once residents start requesting a one-time container size change, which is free, prior to Oct. 1. There is a $25 fee to change the container after Oct. 1.

Once all the containers are delivered it will be clear how many of each size are available for exchanges, Fuchs said. A request for an exchange right now might take the city a few weeks to respond and do the exchange, he said.

The monthly garbage pickup fee is $13.60 with a 32-gallon container, $15.70 with a 64-gallon container and $17.80 with a 96-gallon container.

"That is not in addition to what someone is paying for garbage pickup already," Fuchs said. "That is what they will pay."

The garbage pickup fee will also include residential recycling, which is anticipated to start sometime in October, according to Ralph Friebel, owner of Recycling Center of North Dakota, formerly Renaissance Recycling LLC. The starting date is contingent on the delivery of the city's recycling trucks, he said.

"We will deliver the recycling containers two weeks before we start recycling pickup," Friebel said.

For more information on garbage containers and service, call 252-5900. For more information on recycling, call 320-9218.