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SnowCare for Troops seeks volunteers to clear snow for families of deployed servicemembers

A new national volunteer program supporting military families, Project EverGreen's SnowCare for Troops, brings together volunteers to provide free snow removal services for military families with a spouse or family member serving overseas in the armed forces.

"For our military families with loved ones serving away from home, help on the home front reduces stress and eases the burden shouldered by those left behind," explains Project EverGreen Executive Director Den Gardner.

Volunteers can sign up for the program by visiting or Hundreds of local volunteers have already signed up for the Project Evergreen SnowCare for Troops program and many more volunteers are needed.

There are many ways to help in the program, including:

* Adopting one or two families locally by providing snow removal services throughout the winter;

* Loaning snow removal equipment to volunteers or groups; and

* Donating money, transportation or gas cards to offset snow removal and maintenance costs.

To learn more about Project Evergreen and SnowCare for Troops, visit or call 1-888-611-2956.