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North Korea condemns U.N., threatens a 'new form' of nuclear test

SEOUL — North Korea threatened on Sunday

to conduct what it called "a new form of nuclear test", raising

the level of rhetoric after members of the United Nations

Security Council condemned the North's recent ballistic missile


    "It is absolutely intolerable that the U.N. Security

Council, turning a blind eye to the U.S. madcap nuclear war

exercises, 'denounced' the Korean People's Army (KPA)'s

self-defensive rocket launching drills and called them a

'violation of resolutions' and a 'threat to international peace

and security' and is set to take an 'appropriate step'," the

North's foreign ministry said in a statement on the official

KCNA news agency.

    The statement said KPA drills to counter the U.S. will

involve "more diversified nuclear deterrence" that will be used

for hitting medium- and long-range targets "with a variety of

striking power".

    "We would not rule out a new form of nuclear test for

bolstering up our nuclear deterrence," the North's statement

said, without giving any indication of what that might entail.

    After Pyongyang fired two medium-range Rodong ballistic

missiles into the sea off the east coast of the Korean peninsula

on Wednesday, the 15-member Security Council on Thursday

condemned the launches violating U.N. resolutions.

     North Korea's first firing in four years of mid-range

missiles that can reach Japan followed a series of short-range

rocket launches over the past two months.

    In defiance of U.N. resolutions, North Korea conducted its

third nuclear test in February 2013 and declared it had made

progress in securing a functioning atomic arsenal.

    It is widely believed the North does not have the capacity

to deliver a nuclear strike on the mainland United States.