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Fans rampage after University of Arizona basketball defeat

Some fans went on an angry rampage, lobbing bottles and firecrackers outside the University of Arizona late on Saturday after the school’s basketball team narrowly lost to the University of Wisconsin in an NCAA tournament game, police said.

Tucson police in riot gear used pepper spray on the unruly crowd and arrested 15 people on charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and unlawful assembly, a police statement said.

Three of those arrested suffered minor injuries, police said. Rioters threw bottles and other objects at police and their vehicles but no officers were hurt. Police said hundreds of people filled the streets after the game, but it was not clear how many were involved in the melee.

The Wisconsin Badgers defeated the Arizona Wildcats 64-63 in overtime to advance to the Final Four.

There was no immediate comment from university officials on Sunday.

Police said they were talking to university officials to determine whether any of those arrested were students.