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Bankruptcy proceedings for Feb. 12, 2014

Filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court

Chapter 7 is a petition to liquidate assets and discharge debts.

Chapter 11 is a petition for protection from creditors and to reorganize.

Chapter 12 is a petition for family farmers to reorganize.

Chapter 13 is a petition for wage earners to readjust debts.

North Dakota

Martin J. Codenys, also known as Marin Codenys, and Amy L. Codenys, Grand Forks, Chapter 7.

David A. Winslow, Dickinson, Chapter 7.

Thomas M. and Sandra A. Heffernan, Grand Forks, Chapter 7.

Latisha Lovelett, Fargo, Chapter 7.

Richard D. Thornton, Fargo, Chapter 7.

Tracy Lyn Christianson, Fargo, Chapter 7.

Diane S. Moorhouse, Fargo, Chapter 7.

George Allen and Tara Nichole Carroll, Barney, Chapter 7.

Harley W. Fong, West Fargo, Chapter 7.