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$500 offered for return of spay-neuter group’s top cat

David Samson / Forum News Service Paige Magelky has searched the streets of north Fargo looking for her lost cat that was last seen on Halloween night.

FARGO — A young Fargo woman and her family are offering a $500 reward for the safe return of their cat, Beauty, who has been missing since Thursday.

Those who do not know the Magelky family may think the reward is a bit steep.

Lori Magelky is the founder of Minn-Kota PAAWS (People Advocating Animal Welfare Services), a low-cost spay and neuter organization formed in 2004.

Beauty was the first stray cat Magelky trapped for spay and release in downtown Fargo. Expecting her to be feral, Magelky and her daughter, Paige, were surprised at how friendly Beauty was. Rather than release her after the procedure, they decided to let her live at the Minn-Kota Clinic.

Paige Magelky then brought Beauty home to live with her when she moved in to help care for her grandparents in their Fargo home about four years ago.

Beauty slipped out the door Halloween night when Paige’s grandmother, Norma Magelky, opened the door for trick-or-treaters.

Since then, Paige Magelky has contacted the Fargo and Moorhead, Minn., pounds, the Humane Society, the street department and area animal control officers.

The family has also hung more than 60 posters and even set up live traps in the yards of several neighbors in hopes of catching Beauty.

Beauty has a microchip and was wearing tags when she left the house. The family thinks she may be hiding nearby because she is scared.

Paige Magelky said Beauty has become like a member of their family over the years. She has been disappointed by people, some even friends, who do not support their proposed $500 reward.

Lori Magelky agreed and said a veterinarian friend summed it up best. He explained that most Americans are dog people who don’t look at cats the same way.

“If it was somebody’s dog, nobody would even think twice about $500,” Lori said. “Because it’s a cat, it’s like it’s different, and it isn’t. That’s our baby.”

Anyone with information about Beauty should call (701) 318-8363.