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ND camper trailer living too cold for some

MINOT, N.D. (AP) — North Dakota's brutal winter is taking its toll on some people living in campers and motorhomes, the manager of a Minot ND camper trailer living too cold for some RV park says.

Swenson RV Park Manager Debbie Deseth told the Minot Daily News that the bitter, below-zero temperatures are causing some people to pick up stakes.

"They decided to leave," she said. "It's just too cold."

Many of the camping residents arrived from warmer climates in search of work. Deseth said the RV park had 183 lots rented on Labor Day. The latest count showed fewer than 60.

Many campers find themselves ill-prepared for sub-zero temperatures and deadly wind chills.

"They take a chance on coming. Everybody's got a story," Deseth said. "Some have homes where they came from. Other people didn't have anything and just took a gamble on coming here."

Kevin Polley, of Fort Meyers, Fla., came to seek a job in North Dakota's booming oil patch.

"Everywhere you go here there are help wanted signs. You have to search a 50-mile radius in Florida for even a single one," he said. "I took a chance on coming up here. I heard about different work up here."

But Polley said his camper wasn't a match for North Dakota winters.

"We didn't winterize it correctly," he said. "Our pipes froze. Our holding tank froze and we can't get water. The heat wasn't working properly. We're suffering through it. We just got an apartment."

Polley's wife, an optician, remained in Florida.

"She's got a job and didn't want to come to North Dakota," Polley said. "She said she'll come to visit."