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Load restrictions may be placed soon

With warmer weather ahead, the North Dakota Department of Transportation said that seasonal load restrictions may be placed on North Dakota state highways as soon as next week. NDDOT normally places load restrictions on some state highways from March to May, depending on weather. Restrictions are lifted when roadbeds have stabilized enough to carry normal traffic.

Truckers should consider moving their heavy loads before load restrictions are placed on North Dakota state highways this spring, DOT said.

Current seasonal load restriction information is available on the Internet and by dialing 511. There is a load restriction email update feature that one can subscribe to on the DOT website, limit/loadlimitinfo.asp.

The proposed 2014 restriction map is located on the Internet, along with current restriction, Order 2013-18 that has some load restrictions in place. These maps can be viewed at

To view the proposed Load Restriction Map, select Load Restrictions (Proposed) box. To view Order 2013-18, select Load Restrictions (Current) box. The highways with restricted legal load limits (solid green on the color map), as well as all other restricted highways, will require ton-mile fees when non-reducible loads exceed restricted weight limits. For questions, contact Roxy Bold at 701-328-2517 or by email