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Bismarck man charged with Tasing, attempted kidnapping of ex-girlfriend

MOORHEAD, Minn. — A Bismarck man is charged with seven felonies, including attempted kidnapping and burglary, after allegedly breaking into his former girlfriend’s Comstock home late one night last week and Tasing her while he was wearing a hood over his face and gloves.

William Dubois Dean, 52, was charged Tuesday in Clay County District Court with two counts of attempted kidnapping, three counts of burglary, one count of assault and one count of damage to property, all felonies.

Court documents say the victim first contacted the Clay County Sheriff’s Department just after 4 a.m. April 5, saying a loud pop in her house woke her up.

When she got up to investigate, she found a broken window in her dining room and a hammer lying in the middle of a pile of broken glass.

Her garage door was partially open, her car windows had been busted out and the paint was scratched.

The victim told investigators she ended her live-in relationship with Dean in February or March after a series of arguments, believing him to be dangerous.

The victim found a note taped to her door that read, “Stay away from my husband you tramp you whore, and my greenhouse.”

She told investigators she was frightened of Dean.

On April 10, the victim told dispatch a man with a nylon hood over his face and wearing white gloves broke into her home about 9:50 p.m. and assaulted her with a Taser.

She was lying in bed and called out, “Who is it?” The man, who was wearing dark clothes, jumped on her, punching her repeatedly in the head and with some kind of object, which she thought was a Taser.

She told investigators she fought him off, and believed it was Dean.

Deputies found a Taser on her bed and chunks of mud throughout the house.

A window screen was broken in the basement, and deputies discovered a hammer and a roll of duct tape.

A Clay County detective contacted Dean that day on his cellphone, which the detective tracked as being headed west from Jamest- own, to Bismarck.

Dean told them he had not been in Fargo, Moorhead or Comstock on April 10, and was at that time driving from Minot, to Bismarck.

Another Clay County detective contacted a citizen who knew Dean and said he saw Dean in Comstock on April 10.

Clay County Lt. Stephen Landsem said the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the Burleigh County (N.D.) Sheriff’s Department helped trace Dean to a location north of Bismarck.

He was arrested without incident, Landsem said.

His first court appearance has not been set.