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Injuries conference set in Bismarck

Registration has opened for the “Preventing and Responding to Injuries” Conference, the North Dakota Department of Health’s Division of Injury Prevention and Control has announced. The conference is Oct. 1-2 at the Radisson Hotel in Bismarck.

The conference provides information and training for those working in law enforcement, mental health, youth services, emergency medical services, traffic safety and public health, as well as domestic and sexual violence advocates. However, the conference is open to anyone interested in reducing and preventing injury to North Dakota residents.

The purpose of the conference is to promote awareness, prevention and intervention of unintentional and intentional injuries. Registration is open at http://www.nd ings.htm.

Keynote speakers and topics include:

* Carol Redding, “The ACE Study,” on long-term risks associated with maltreatment during childhood.

* Rebecca Quinn, University of North Dakota Center for Rural Health, “Concussions: More Than a Bump on the Head.”

* Sgt. Travis Jacobson, Grand Forks Police Department, “Drugs and Society,” on which popular drugs are being used.

* Erica Davidson, CAWS North Dakota and Rob Fontenot, Bureau of Criminal Investigation, “Addressing Human Trafficking in North Dakota.”

To learn more about the conference or to register, visit injury/trainings.htm or call Diana Read at 701-328-4537 or Missy at 701-328-4536 or 800-472-2286.