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Tornadoes confirmed in Red River Valley

The National Weather Service confirmed that two tornadoes touched down in the northern Red River Valley during Monday night’s storm.

One was an EF-2 tornado in Polk County near Crookston, Minn., while the other was an EF-1 tornado in Grand Forks County, N.D.

An EF-1 tornado, according to the Enhanced Fujita scale, is described as one with wind speeds of 86 to 110 mph, while an EF-2 event is marked by winds of 111 to 135 mph.

The Crookston-area tornado tracked through portions of Polk and Red Lake counties in Minnesota, beginning at 8:40 p.m. about 4 miles west-northwest of Eldred and ending at about 9:25 p.m. about 4 miles south of Red Lake Falls, according to Greg Gust, warning coordination meteorologist.

The tornado traveled about 27 miles and had a maximum width of about 800 yards.

The EF-1 tornado was confirmed in Grand Forks County between 8:29 and 8:41 p.m. Monday. It left a path about 300 yards wide and traveled intermittently about 8 miles, from about 2 miles east of Kempton to about 2 miles southeast of Arvilla, according to the weather service.