Weather Forecast


Central, western ND ranchers, farmers urged to act to protect livestock, property from possible flooding

Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring is urging farmers and ranchers in western and central North Dakota to take action to protect their livestock and other property from possible flooding.

“The forecast is calling for as much as 3 to 6 inches of rain through the weekend,” Goehring said Wednesday afternoon. “Producers should consider moving their animals to higher ground and to take measures to protect buildings from flooding.”

He said it was also important for producers to move hay bales from low-lying areas.

Reports from earlier in the week indicated that as many as 16 farmsteads, as well as road and bridges have been damaged, and that some residents had to be rescued from their homes by boat. Dunn County was the most heavily impacted area.

Goehring suggested producers try to pre-identify property most likely to be affected by the heavy rain and flooding to prioritize efforts to protect the property.

“Make sure that your weather radios and communication equipment are in good working order and monitor the radio for new forecasts,” he said.