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No hard freeze forecast, but cold temps will kill plants

While there isn't officially a hard freeze in this week's forecast, the colder temperatures will likely still kill gardens, a meteorologist said.

"Out through about seven days or so there'll really be no hard freeze," said Todd Hamilton, meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Bismarck.

Early morning temperatures will be in the low 30s and upper 20s Friday through next Tuesday, Hamilton said. Those near-freezing temperatures will probably have plants dead by next week, he said.

On average, the first hard freeze occurs in the first two weeks of October, Hamilton said. He defined a hard freeze as near-freezing temperatures lasting for at least a few hours, killing plants at once.

"It's possible in the Jamestown area through early next week that we will not see a hard freeze or killing freeze," Hamilton said.

It would be unusual if Jamestown makes it to the end of next week without a hard freeze, he said.

There are slight chances of precipitation through early next week.