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NWS: Chance for more rain likely

David Luessen / The Sun A dark storm cloud approaches Jamestown from the northeast to drop 0.11 inch of rain on Sunday.

Jamestown and surrounding communities that are hoping to dry out after the Memorial Day weekend’s rainfall may not be getting much assistance from Mother Nature.

Nathan Heinert, meteorologist with the National Weather Service Office in Bismarck, said temperatures would be mild through the week but the possibility of more rain may have some keeping an eye on the sky.

“For temperatures on Monday we have highs of right around 80, Tuesday highs in the low 80s, and we’ll have chances for thunderstorms pretty much all week,” he said.

According to the Stutsman County Sheriff’s Office, several road closures in eastern Bloom and western Spiritwood townships were still in effect on Sunday night, including 27th Street from 91st Avenue to 1.25 miles east, 91st avenue from 30th Street to 28th Street, 30th street from 89th Avenue to 91st Avenue and the 8900 block of 35th Street Southeast. Old Highway 10 — 33rd Street Southeast/Stutsman County Road 40 — was reopened but drivers should be cautious about water on the road.

Heinert said the Spiritwood area took the brunt of the weekend’s wet weather, including wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour and flash flood warnings as 4 inches of rain fell in four hours. Jamestown received 2.96 inches of rain on Friday, trace amounts on Saturday and 0.11 inch on Sunday. Golf ball-sized hail was also reported in several areas near Jamestown and Spiritwood.

“The largest stone we had on Friday night was 1 1/2 inches (in diameter) and that was 4 miles east-northeast of Jamestown,” Heinert said.

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