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Police find Jamestown runaway

The Jamestown Police Department located Jon Schuldheisz, 16, a runaway Jamestown boy, on Wednesday night.

Officer Andrew Staska said around 10:45 p.m. a call to the Stutsman County Communications Center provided an anonymous tip of Schuldheisz’s location. Staska said officers went to the apartment building where Schuldheisz was located and saw the teen through a window of one of the apartments.

“Officers knocked on the door of the apartment and were initially told the boy (Schuldheisz) was not in the apartment,” he said. Police entered the apartment and located Schuldheisz.

Staska said Schuldheisz is in custody as being a juvenile runaway is against the law. Chianne Woodcock, 20, of Jamestown, who answered the door in the apartment, was also arrested for harboring a juvenile runaway and providing false information to a law enforcement officer. She had not been formally charged in Southeast District Court as of Thursday morning.

Chris Olson

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