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Commentary: The Bismarck Tribune was right to publish the name of officer who invoked Marsy’s Law

A handful of people who said they were backing the blue stood in protest outside The Bismarck Tribune along Seventh Street in Bismarck on Monday afternoon. TOM STROMME, Bismarck Tribune

Last week I posted about an incident from Bismarck where an officer involved in shooting a member of the public who was allegedly attacking him invoked Marsy’s Law to hide his identity from the public.

Marsy’s Law is the supposed “victims rights” amendment to the state constitution passed by voters last year. Among the bad ideas it enshrined in our state’s most important legal document is the idea that victims have a right to have any identifying information about them kept from the public. This officer, before the shooting incident he was involved in has even been adjudicated, declared himself a victim and invoked this right. The Bismarck Police Department agreed to his request and refused to divulge his name to the press or the public.

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