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Coborn’s launches nutrition program


Coborn’s Inc. has announced the introduction of a new nutrition program developed in house called Dietitian’s Choice. This program rolled out to Coborn’s, Cash Wise and Marketplace Foods stores in October and will help guests easily identify items that support their overall health.

This new program was developed by Coborn’s Inc. supermarket registered dietitians. They examined the products sold in Coborn’s Inc. grocery stores and selected more than 5,500 so far that will carry a Dietitian’s Choice mark.

Dietitian’s Choice items are rated based on their nutritional density as well as the following nutritional components:

► Whole grain as the first ingredient

► Lower in sodium

► Lower in added sugars

► Lower in saturated fat

► A good source of healthy fat

► A good source of protein

Coborn’s Inc. supermarket registered dietitians used general guidelines along with their discretion to help point guests in a more nutritious direction. They will continue working with the merchandising team to evaluate new products as they become available.

The International Food Information Council Foundation’s “2017 Food and Health Survey” results underscore the confidence and trust people place in registered dietitians to help guide their food choices. Respondents ranked registered dietitians highest among 14 sources of information. Guests can benefit from Coborn’s Inc.’s supermarket registered dietitians’ advice by watching for the Dietitian’s Choice mark on price tags, indicating the item was approved for the program following collaboration among Coborn’s Inc.’s team of supermarket registered dietitians. Coborn’s Inc. supermarket registered dietitians will continue to assist guests in the aisles or through personal consultations, store tours, community presentations or online resources.

Dietitian’s Choice replaced the NuVal Nutritional Scoring System in Coborn’s, Marketplace Foods and select Cash Wise stores.