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Letter to the editor: Local youth were kind to clear our driveway

I would like to acknowledge and thank a group of young people for their thoughtful and gracious act of kindness.

My wife and I were in Fargo for a doctor's appointment on Monday and Tuesday. The weather delayed our return to Jamestown until Wednesday afternoon when Interstate 94 was opened to traffic again. On returning I was thinking of clearing the snow in our driveway but as we drove up to our house a group of young people were clearing our driveway using shovels and a snowblower. This group of young adults were from Temple Baptist Church in Jamestown, they were in a youth group led by the Rev. Kelvin Friesen. School was closed for the day and instead of staying home and watching TV or whatever, they chose to help others. My first thought was these were angels and I was so thankful, it's a blessing that our youth of today are caring people. God bless you Friesen and your youth group.

Jerome Johnson