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Poll: Many readers want vote on sales tax issue

Last week, The Jamestown Sun asked readers of its Web site the question "The Jamestown City Council is considering a proposal to take half of the one-cent sales tax approved by voters for economic development and direct it toward city infrastructure. What do you think of this proposal?" Here are the results of the unscientific survey:

The decision should

be made by the voters

38.9 percent (122 responses)

The council should

enact the change

29.9 percent (94)

Infrastructure should

be paid for with sources

other than sales tax

22.3 percent (70)

I don't live in Jamestown

6.4 percent (20)

It doesn't matter to me

2.5 percent (8)

Total responses: 314

The next question for Sun readers to consider is "Stutsman County has agreed to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program. Will you buy flood insurance?" Readers can answer by logging on to