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Commentary: Governor Doug Burgum is Netflix and NDSU President Dean Bresciani is the cable company

Gov. Doug Burgum presents his vision of challenges and opportunities facing the North Dakota University System in the face of technological disruptions. He spoke to an interim legislative committee meeting at North Dakota State University on Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017. Patrick Springer / Forum News Service

My colleague Patrick Springer wrote a very astute article recently about two different visions for higher education presented by Governor Doug Burgum and NDSU President Dean Bresciani.

The venue for these views was this week’s meeting of a legislative committee that’s reviewing the state’s university system. At it Burgum spoke about a world where information and instruction is more readily available than ever before. Where traditional institutions of education such as universities are no longer gatekeepers to knowledge.

This change is already happening, Burgum warns, and the state’s universities can either adapt or die:

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