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What we think: Contribute to the United Way campaign

Many charities need help in Jamestown this holiday season. Instead of picking just one or two to donate to, help the United Way so it can spread that help as far as possible.

The United Way donates to 21 area organizations ranging from the James River Humane Society to the Arts After School program. All of the groups United Way helps are groups that improve life in Jamestown for people of all ages throughout the year.

One organization United Way helps is the Buffalo Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross.

During the spring 2009 flooding, Red Cross volunteers donned vests, handed out food and drinks, comforted disaster victims, provided counseling and played a pivotal role in keeping Jamestown dry and its citizens sane.

The United Way also served as a fiduciary agent for the Stutsman County Unmet Needs Committee. The committee allocated donations from the public to disaster victims in need of assistance with flood repairs. The United Way served as the agency responsible for the committee's finances.

This year, the United Way campaign in Jamestown set a goal of $205,000. As of last week, 42 percent of that goal had been met.

Fundraising efforts throughout the region are down because of a sour economy that restricts contributions from would-be donors. But when pondering a donation, consider that 99 percent of gifts to United Way stay in Jamestown and directly benefit its citizens of all ages.

Whether you know someone in Scouting, or have been to Camp Rokiwan, or you appreciate the RSVP volunteer program, now is the time to show it. United Way is deserving of community support as it supports the community and the groups that serve it.

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