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Bravos to hand out this week

The Jamestown Sun hands out these bravos this week:

* Bravo to the volunteers who gathered March 27 at Crystal Springs to make 360 kuchens, a German pastry, to sell to raise money for an area man who is suffering from cancer. Their efforts show great philanthropy and also preserve a classic piece of German heritage.

* Bravo to Kaitlin Walsh, the Jamestown High School gymnast who was named the North Dakota Coaches Association and Powerade 2010 co-Outstanding Senior Athlete of the Year. Walsh was a three-time all-state performer for the Blue Jays.

* Bravo to the return of the Beerbower family to their newly remodeled Edmunds, N.D., home March 20, and bravo to all the area companies and volunteers who fixed up their home. The Beerbowers moved to North Dakota with their four adopted daughters with plans to remodel a home to live in. Those plans were jeopardized by both parents becoming ill, but neighbors from near and far came to their rescue.

* Bravo to Adam Randall, the Kidder County senior who was named Mr. Basketball, the state's highest individual high school basketball award. Also, bravo to Kidder County for having the first-ever classmates win the titles of Mr. and Miss Basketball in the same year. Kidder County senior Eli Benz was named Miss Basketball earlier this month.

* Bravo to Jamestown Public Schools' efforts to include more locally grown food in students' meals. Currently, 25 percent of the schools' menus comprise of food grown in North Dakota. These efforts mean taxpayers' money is spent in-state rather than being sent elsewhere.

* Bravo to the news that North Dakota is among the top states in getting 2010 Census forms filled out and mailed in. North Dakota was tied with Nebraska this week for second-best participation rate, at 57 percent. This level of participation means North Dakotans will have better representation in the census, and it will also save taxpayers' money because fewer census workers will have to track down people on foot.

* Bravo to the news that New Rockford, N.D., will be host to a Smithsonian exhibit in two years. "Key Ingredients: America by Food" will be in the town from June 23 to Aug. 5, 2012.

* Bravo to North Dakota's fourth- and eighth-graders for getting above-average scores in national tests given in 2009 known as "the nation's report card." Our fourth-graders scored an average of 226 on the National Assessment of Educational Progress exams, while the score nationwide averaged 220. Our eighth-graders scored 269 on average, while the national average was 262.

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