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Bravos, chips to hand out

The Jamestown Sun hands out these bravos and buffalo chips this week:

* Bravo to the James River Humane Society for its efforts to protect its animals from rabies and other terrible illnesses. Our thoughts are with the shelter in Grand Forks that had to euthanize 26 of its dogs after they were exposed to a rabid dog.

* Buffalo chip to the person who drove a Hummer at unsafe speeds April 8 on North Dakota State University campus in Fargo, causing significant damage. Police said Jason John Stowers, 37, Ottertail, Minn., hit at least two poles, two trees, steps of a pavilion near the Memorial Union and a Sept. 11 commemoration plaque before he was stopped, arrested and charged with felony reckless endangerment.

* Bravo to Great River Energy and the Jamestown/Stutsman Development Corp. for their work to bring a cellulosic ethanol biorefinery to the Spirit Energy Park, where it would produce ethanol using waste steam from the Spiritwood Station power plant. It's important that our area keeps moving forward to build its economy.

* Buffalo chip to the news that Jamestown Hospital patients have been targeted by a recent scam where a con artist has called, claiming to represent the hospital, and requested personal information such as Social Security numbers from area residents. Anyone who receives such a call should contact the Jamestown Police Department.

* Bravo to the news that taxable sales and purchases in North Dakota were up in 2009 compared to two years before. While the sales and purchases had decreased since the record-setting year in 2008, North Dakota is still doing better than in 2007. That's something to be grateful for when the rest of the nation is suffering so much in this recession.

* Bravo to the new law in Cottage Grove, Minn., that holds party hosts liable if they know underage people are consuming alcohol at their events. It's an excellent incentive for responsibility.

(Editorials are the opinion of Jamestown Sun management and the newspaper's editorial board)