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Bravos and buffalo chips to hand out

The Jamestown Sun hands out these bravos and buffalo chips this week:

* Bravo to the unnamed kidney donor who set off a chain reaction of kidney transplants earlier this month. That person's donation of a kidney through a regional "kidney swap" program led to five people in North Dakota and Minnesota getting transplants. The program lets donors get kidneys for loved ones with whom they are not compatible by trading their kidney for a compatible organ from another donor in the program facing a similar problem.

* Bravo to Katee Kunzmann, the Jamestown High School student who has been selected to serve as a Senate page in Washington this fall. Kunzmann is the third JHS student to be selected for the job since 2006.

* Bravo to the news that North Dakota added more jobs than any other state during the past five years. According to, the state has created 21,300 jobs from 2005 to 2010. Alaska, in second place, only created half as many.

* Buffalo chip to the burglars who struck several locations in Wimbledon, N.D., earlier this month. A bar, a general store and a parts store all fell victim to the thieves.

* Bravo to all the Carrington, N.D., area residents whose homes were featured on the garden tour there Tuesday. The tour featured five homes and raised funds to benefit the Carrington Health Center Auxiliary.

* Buffalo chip to Benjamin James Stavaas, the Battle Lake, Minn., man who allegedly slashed his dog's throat and left it for dead. According to court records, Stavaas told police he hurt the dog in a fit of rage after it chased a car. He was due in court Monday to face six charges relating to the incident, including two felonies, but failed to appear.

* Bravo to the return of about 650 area soldiers this month after a 10-month deployment to Kosovo. The soldiers are returning to Fargo, Bismarck, Valley City and other area cities.

(Editorials are the opinion of Jamestown Sun management and the newspaper's editorial board)