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Support the United Way campaign

The Jamestown United Way and its 2010 campaign, "The Power of U," is a worthy cause that should be locally supported.

Two primary reasons for supporting the campaign are the number of groups helped and the fact that almost all of the money raised stays right here in the community.

Jamestown United Way helps a wide variety of local agencies and organizations. This year there are 22 to be exact.

Those 22 agencies and organizations in turn help all kinds of people in town, from youth to seniors with needs like credit counseling or health care.

The Retired Senior Volunteer Program Plus provides volunteer service to meet community needs. Both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts benefit from the United Way. The Salvation Army and Red Cross help area residents in emergencies and they benefit as well.

The list goes on and on.

The second reason to support the local United Way campaign is that 99 percent of the money raised stays here.

"The Power of U" campaign is like a one-stop shop for making donations. Make a donation, help many others.

This year's goal is $185,000, down from last year's goal of $205,000. A decreasing goal means times are getting lean for charities, which United Way organizers admitted.

The tight economic times means a donation to United Way can do a lot of good for many. When you consider charitable giving, look to the one place that helps 22 agencies: Jamestown United Way.

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