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What we think: Happy New Year!

It looks as though 2010 is going out with a bang. But, although the weather is nasty and may ruin a lot of New Year's Eve plans, it was a pretty good year overall.

Even though we were threatened by a spring of high water and flooding early in the year, it thankfully never materialized. Instead, it turned out to be a good summer and fall, with one of the best harvests in several years. After what 2009 delivered, it was much appreciated.

2010 also brought the completion of the downtown parking lots renovation. Plus, the decorative fencing and period lighting make the parking lots an aesthetically pleasing addition to the community.

Better yet, completion of the parking lot project means that 2011 will bring blessedly silent horns on trains traveling through town. All the quiet zone requirements have been met and approved. Now it's just a matter of contracting out the construction work to complete the project. We hope the quiet zone will be in place by summer.

Construction on Jamestown Regional Medical Center made enormous progress in 2010. It's well on the way to completion and should be up and running before the summer is over. That's another piece of good news. Added to that, there's interest in further economic development for that area.

And despite the recession hitting the country hard, Jamestown and, indeed all of North Dakota, fared very well economically in 2010. Area manufacturers suffered early in the year, but have been rebounding steadily since then.

Unemployment stayed low throughout the year and reached 2.7 percent here this fall, probably the lowest it's been in years. What we need now are more people moving to Jamestown. We're seeing some business development as well.

All in all, 2010 was a pretty good year for Jamestown. We hope 2011 will be even better for the community and for area residents.

Happy New Year from The Jamestown Sun.

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