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Other Views: Housing boom will continue

Certainly it's not a surprise that North Dakota leads the nation in housing development, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. But the numbers are quite staggering, considering that eight North Dakota counties rank among the top 100 in the country in the percentage of new housing units.

Williams County ranks first in the country, with a 13.9 percent increase and 1,525 new housing units.

Ward County is second, with a 4.8 percent increase and 1,318 new housing units.

Other North Dakota counties in the top 100 are Stark County, No. 8, 3.1 percent increase with 344 new housing units; Morton County, No. 9, 3.0 percent increase with 370 new housing units; Burleigh County, No. 17, 2.2 percent increase with 786 new housing units; Cass County, No. 23, 2.0 percent increase with 1,372 new housing units; Grand Forks County, No. 58, 1.4 percent increase with 401 new housing units; and Ramsey County, No. 100, 1.2 percent increase with 68 new housing units.

And given that the ongoing oil boom in western North Dakota appears to be here for the long term, the housing boom is expected to continue, too. Cities like Williston and Minot have seen the number of housing units skyrocket in order to keep up with influx of oil industry-related employees moving to the area. Cities of all sizes across western North Dakota have struggled to provide enough permanent housing for workers, even as record construction continues.

We expect counties in western North Dakota to continue to lead the nation in housing development as the state struggles to keep up with the energy industry.