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Dakota Spirit Ag Energy plant boost for area

Groundbreaking ceremonies for Dakota Spirit AgEnergy took place Friday after several years of planning. The plant's construction and operation will be a strong positive for the area economy. We applaud the Jamestown/Stutsman Development Corp. and other community leaders and officials who worked to bring this project to fruition.

Dakota Spirit AgEnergy will boost the economy of the area in a number of ways. The plant, when operational, will employ about 36 people in good-paying jobs that can support families and increase the population.

In addition, the Spiritwood Station will come online after being idled, adding more jobs as well.

Dakota Spirit AgEnergy's demand for corn will increase prices to farmers, augmenting their profits and buying power in the community.

New jobs and higher farm profits both mean more money spent here which can also potentially increase retail and service industry business in the Jamestown area.

But these benefits do not come without challenges such as housing for the estimated 275 construction workers the project will bring. Those challenges, however, present more opportunities for business to meet various expected needs.

Dakota Spirit AgEnergy is a significant boost to the Jamestown area. Congratulations to those who helped make this project happen.

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