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New Rockford school project approved

Bravo to Philippine relief effort

The Jamestown Sun hands out these bravos this week:

* Bravo to those who are helping with relief efforts in the Philippines following a Nov. 8 typhoon that devastated the country. The U.S. is among those countries and organizations helping residents with critical needs following Typhoon Haiyan, which injured thousands and killed almost 4,000 people, according to the Associated Press.

* Bravo to the donors to the Ave Maria Village expansion project. Ave Maria recently reached the $1 million mark in its fundraising campaign for the $1.32 million project, which will add a chapel, a transportation center and a family/hospice room to its facilities.

* Bravo to law enforcement officers for attending a training session held by Metal Theft Training and Consultants to beat copper thieves at their own game. The training session gave officers information on the current types of tools and methods being used in stealing copper. Copper thefts have been on the rise since 2007.

* Bravo to the approval of the $350 million Courtenay Wind Farm in Stutsman County. The North Dakota Public Service Commission approved Geronimo Energy’s project, which is estimated to produce enough electricity to power about 60,000 homes annually. The wind farm will encompass 21,000 acres with 100 wind turbines generating a total of 200 megawatts of electricity per hour. Geronimo Energy also removed nine potential turbine locations from its layout after residents expressed concerns about their effect on their aerial spraying business. The company will likely begin earthwork on the site in early June.

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