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Editorial: Marathon a success due to work of many

The Holiday Shopping Marathon was a good idea to encourage local shopping — and to encourage people to see just what’s available here in Jamestown.

The shop local event started as an idea during the holiday season last year, and became a reality through the work of a group of community members. They secured sponsors for the event and signed up businesses to participate.

The event ran 26 days, the same number of miles a person would run in a marathon, and was successful in getting people to visit businesses in Jamestown that they may not have been familiar with.

The event’s organizers knew they needed something to bring people in, something more than another appeal to “shop local.” A scavenger hunt with weekly prizes and a grand prize drawing was the “something” that helped entice people to participate. The marathon netted 115 prize ticket entries from people who visited at least 10 of 12 stores during a given week, a result that pleased the marathon’s founders.

Marathon organizers say they will bring the event back with a few changes. They are asking for comments from the community about the event and ways to improve it. We hope people will show support by offering constructive comments and suggestions.

The Holiday Shopping Marathon was a unique way to entice people to shop local and discover what’s available locally, and we look forward to the event’s return next year.

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