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Leith, N.D., to be done with Cobb

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It appears the people of Leith, N.D., are writing the final chapter of their unwanted acquaintance with Craig Cobb’s gaggle of ridiculous goons. Cobb and a small band of racists/neo-Nazis/white supremacists (pick your poison) had intended to take over the small Grant County town by buying up property, electing themselves to municipal government, and then making the town a haven for racists, neo-Nazis and Aryan Nations types. They failed.

Early into the months-long saga, Cobb’s beliefs and plans were exposed. Leith residents reacted with appropriate measures to ensure that if Cobb wanted to live in town, he and his friends would have to bring their run-down house up to city and North Dakota Health Department standards. They had 30 days to do so, and did not comply.

Meanwhile, Cobb and one of his like-minded pals paraded down Leith’s main street brandishing loaded weapons. They were arrested and charged with felony terrorizing. They are jailed in a neighboring county awaiting further legal action.

To review:

Cobb did not comply within the 30-day window to add water and sewer to his property. It appears the house and outbuildings will be bulldozed by order of the city.

Cobb is in jail along with another of his gang on a weapons/terrorizing charge. Serious stuff.

Cobb hinted he’s done with North Dakota and intends to move to Louisiana. Good riddance. But first he must clear the North Dakota felony charges. A conviction could mean he will be guest of the state for some time.

Finally, the people of Leith and supporters of the town from across the state made it clear that Cobb and his beliefs were not welcome. If there is a bright side to the story, it’s confirmation that the values of most North Dakotans are sound.

Maybe, when the legal machinery is finished grinding along, North Dakota will be rid of Cobb and his racist agenda. Maybe Leith can return to being a quiet rural village that does not want and did not seek the kind of attention Cobb attracted. That would be the best outcome.